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Recorded May 23rd 2012
Genre: Hard & Heavy
File Size: 71.7 MB

intro - Man of the People by Lynzee
1. invoke an internal and External Enemy - Questions (instrumental) by
Sifu Doe
2. Create a Gulag - My Prison Still Remains by
3. Develop a Thug Caste - Pitch Black by
Ken Snyder
4. Set up and internal Surveillance System - Running Scared by
5. Harass Citizens Groups - Resistance by
Diablo Royale
6. Engage in Arbitrary Detention and Release - Question Everything by
The Ism
7. Target Key individuals (aka Whistleblowers) - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by
The Last Act
8. Control the Press - Live the Lie by
9. Dissent Equals Treason - Voice of Dissent by
December's Shadow
10. Suspend the Rule of Law - Swamp Law Rules by
Troubled Wine

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